Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya


Who is ICAT

INFRAESTRUCTURES DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA SAU is the entity of the Generalitat de Catalunya that manages most of the constructions of the #Catalan Administration. It participates in the planning, construction, operation and maintenance phase of buildings and infrastructure driven by the Generalitat. The main strategic mission of ICAT #Energy Services and #Innovation Division in the service buildings and facilities of the Generalitat is to run energy transformation actions: to accelerate the change in the energy model so that the building stock of the Catalan Administration is supplied with clean, local #energy anticipating the 2050 #Horizon and also in accordance with the lines of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, guiding the energy transition with equity and justice criteria, prioritizing social return and the mitigation of energy poverty.


Which is their role in iPLUG-HE?

INFRAESTRUCTURES DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA SAU contributes to WP1 and WP5, considering their building energy information.