Chalmers University of Technology


Who is Chalmers tekniska högskola?

Chalmers University of Technology is a Swedish university based in #Gothenburg. The researchers involved in the project belong to the division of Electric Power Engineering in the department of Electrical engineering and conduct research within a broad range of topics in electric power technology. Research activities at the division can be organized in four main areas: electric #powersystems, #powerelectronics, #electricmachines and #highvoltage engineering. The strength of their research is based on a solid theoretical basis and extensive experimental verification in our laboratories as well as in the field. The division works in tight collaboration with several industrial partners at national and international level. Furthermore, the division hosts two centres of excellence, the Swedish Electromobility Centre – SEC and the Swedish Electricity Storage and Balancing Centre.

Which is their role in iPLUG-HE?

Chalmers university of technology leads WP2, which deals with application of multiport converter for MV distribution grids. Specifically, system and control models for various MV multiport converter configurations are developed, and their performances are evaluated in simulation and experimental setups.