#Multiportconverters will integrate 3 or more ports (each with associated energy sources/sinks) with potentially multiple networks and can have time-varying objectives. As a result, the definition of interconnection requirements for multiport converters will be difficult compared to conventional converter-interfaced devices, whose requirements are generally defined according to their specific energy characteristics. It is possible that future multiport converters could be subject to:

1) Standard individual port requirements that ensure the #safeoperation and #gridintegration with power systems (such as conventional control capabilities and defined operation throughout normal and disturbed conditions)
2) Overall multiport converters requirements that specify the higher #energydensity functionality that can be achieved using its energy flexibility (such as advanced grid-support/services).

Although not widely specified as a requirement to connect to the grid, #galvanicisolation is mentioned as a route to improve the performance of converters that have multiple sources of supply or interconnect different voltage levels.

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