CITCEA-UPC is a research centre created in 2001 and based in Barcelona, Spain. The centre is devoted to #research#innovation and #technologicaltransfer to the industry. Currently, 10 CITCEA-UPC members belong to the staff of professors of UPC, and the rest of the team consists of engineers, PhD students and master students, reaching almost 70 people. The group activity is focused on #mechatronics and #energy engineering. Also, the centre has created 3 spin-off companies in the last years, with the objective of bringing research and #innovation to the market. In the current year, the group is participating in 11 EU projects, apart from several competitive projects funded by the Spanish and Catalan governments, as well as direct contracts with the local industry.

Which is their role in iPLUG-HE?
They are the project coordinator, leading WP5, which is related to dissemination and exploitation activities, and WP6, which is related project management. Also, CITCEA-UPC participates in all the WPs, defining methodologies to size and locate multiports converters in the distribution grid, developing dynamic models of different types of converters and implementing Hardware-in-the-Loop validation tests.

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