In April 2024, Sergio Costa from Typhoon-Hil visited IREC – Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya and CITCEA-UPC.

Please find as follows a short summary of his visits at both institutions.

During his first visit at IREC – Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya, a 1-hour tour of IREC´s labs was organized following a discussion of the hardware and software capabilities for hardware in the loop (HIL) testing.

The IREC team members led by Antonio Pepiciello showed how they currently use hardware in the loop for grid level tests, battery and BMS testing, the converter control and the EV Charging tests.

The main focus was on the hardware tools which are available for TyphoonSim software for offline testing in collaboration with IREC – Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya, CITCEA-UPC and University of Strathclyde on the development of the grid model in WP4.

 During the second visit at UPC a 40-minute seminar was organized by CITCEA-UPC working group where Sergio Costa from Typhoon-Hill presented different methodologies of design, software in the loop and hardware in the loop (HIL) testing which are often encountered with its industry customers. This was a great opportunity to share the capabilities of the remote Hardware in the loop testbed available in the iPLUG-HE project with a focus on validation for Microgrid applications.

These visits were a great chance to align on these concepts and spread the word about the work done in iPLUG-HE project!