Two weeks ago, Paula Muñoz from CITCEA-UPC attended the CIRED (International Community on Electricity Distribution) 2024 Vienna, focused on increasing distribution network hosting capacity.

Paula Muñoz presented our paper entitled “Multiport Converter Design and Optimal Location in Distribution Grids”, co-authored by Marc Cheah Mañé, Eduardo Prieto Araujo and Oriol Gomis Bellmunt

This work presents an optimization-based methodology to size and locate multiport power converters together with a techno-economic comparison to other conventional approaches.

This methodology includes AC power flow constraints and is evaluated in a case study based on IEEE 33 bus system to identify the best scenarios where multiport converters can be considered as a potential solution to improve distributed generation integration in distribution grids.

This event provided a great opportunity to share our research, present iPLUG-HE work, and exchange ideas with other researchers and industry professionals in the field.

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